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Switch Power Management: Do You Need It?
So, you have bought some lights, and now you're wondering if you need a switch power distribution system to make your life easier. How do you know which system to get, and why would you want it over the provided wiring harness and relays? It all boils down to simplicity and customizability. We have a good rule of thumb: if you plan on utilizing more than three switches to control your lights, then you probably need a power distribution system such as sPOD. As a new member of the Bestop Premium Accessories Group (BPAG), sPOD has moved the manufacturing in-house to Baja Designs in San Marcos, CA. Let's take a look at what an sPOD is and whether or not it makes sense for your project. Centralized Control: sPOD offers a centralized means of managing and controlling auxiliary 12V electrical components on off-road vehicles, providing a single point of control for all your accessories.Solid-State Technology: Both the BantamX and SourceLT units utilize a solid-state board, providing a continuous power flow of up to 100 amps, and featuring up to eight circuits in total, rated at 30 amps each. Customizability: The Touch Panel allows for a wide variety of customization, including linking up to four BantamX units for a total of 36 switches controlled by one panel. Safety Features: The sPOD system includes a variety of safety features that help to protect against electrical faults, such as a low-voltage cutoff feature that prevents damage to the battery by shutting off the electrical components. Warranty: sPOD backs up their products with a 5-year manufacturer defect warranty, giving customers peace of mind knowing they're purchasing a reliable product. What is sPOD? An sPOD power distribution switch system is an advanced electronic control unit that offers a centralized means of managing and controlling auxiliary 12V electrical components on off-road vehicles. It consists of two main components: the switch panel and the solid-state unit. All you do is wire your positive and negative wire to the unit, and it is just one Ethernet cable going through the cab to the switch controller - it is really that simple. But we also believe in the product, so much so that we back it up with a 5-year manufacturer defect warranty. sPOD offers two powerful and space-saving switch panel power systems: the BantamX, an eight-circuit system, and the six-circuit system SourceLT. These solid-state technology units provide a continuous power flow of up to 100 amps and feature up to eight circuits in total, rated at 30 amps each. This flexibility allows customers to easily power a broad range of 12-volt accessories and not have to worry about any relays or fuses for each circuit; both systems utilize a solid-state board and one main fuse. The BantamX comes standard with the TouchHD, which gives that tactile feedback many people are so fond of. But for those looking to really customize their setup at the touch of their fingertips, we recommend the Touch Panel, which allows for a wide variety of customization and even linking up to four BantamX units for a total of 36 switches controlled by one panel. The sPOD engineers wanted to ensure our customers had full control of their system by integrating a splitter on the BantamX, allowing two switch panels to link together on one unit, so you can have a switch panel in the back of a camper and in the cab of a truck.   Both the sPOD BantamX and SourceLT units come equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology, giving customers the freedom to program and control their system from any wireless device. With a wide range of programming options available, including output dimming, strobing, flashing, master-slave functions, memory, auto power-up, momentary settings, input, and more that can be controlled through the app as well. Additionally, the units’ RGB technology allows for a broad spectrum of backlighting colors to match any unique style and preferences. When is the right time to upgrade? Before you can consider upgrading your power management system, you must consider the application you'll be using it for. If you are only running two light switches hooked up to your A-Pillar or your dust lights, we think that setup is just fine. But if you are looking to hook up three or more lights to add to it in the future, it is a no-brainer solution. Not only does it clean up your wiring, but the ease of installation makes it perfect - no splicing into a harness or adding in any type of complicated power tray and spending hours on a forum trying to learn how to set it up. Without having to fish multiple harnesses, the sPOD has a single cable going to the switch panel. More Than Just Lighting In addition to lighting, the sPOD system can also control winches and air compressors, although it cannot handle the circuit load as the amps typically pull 50-70 amps. With the use of the harnesses, you can tie in the switch lead and run the switch controller of the winch or air compressor. We see many people use an sPOD as a switch controller for both winches, air compressors, and lockers. Safety in Mind The sPOD system includes a variety of safety features that help to protect against electrical faults, such as a low-voltage cutoff feature that prevents damage to the battery by shutting off the electrical components. If the battery drops below 11.6V, after two minutes, the Bantam will shut down. So when you are at camp and accidentally leave your lights on, you won't have to worry about your car being unable to start because your lights drained your battery.  While it may seem like an extra step to add a switch system to your off-road vehicle, the benefits of simplicity and customizability cannot be overlooked. If you plan on utilizing more than three switches, a power distribution system like sPOD is an excellent choice. With its advanced electronic control unit, such as the BantamX and SourceLT, sPOD offers a centralized means of managing and controlling auxiliary 12V electrical components, including lighting, winches, and air compressors. With its solid-state technology and up to eight circuits, sPOD provides the flexibility to power a broad range of accessories and makes it easy to install and customize your system. Ultimately, whether or not sPOD is the right choice for your project will depend on your specific needs, but it is certainly worth considering as a powerful and space-saving power management system.  Check out sPOD on our website and if you have any questions regarding the product feel free to reach out. [email protected]
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Universal s1 Hitch Light Kit
Over the years, we have taken our off-road performance lighting and engineered vehicle-specific kits that are plug-and-play for many makes and models. That is why we are proud to introduce the Baja Designs S1 Hitch Light Kit, a universal rear light pod housing from Meso Customs that will fit any 2" trailer receiver.  The S1 Hitch Light Kit is the ultimate plug-and-play solution for anyone wanting to create the ultimate reverse light, but for those wanting to wire in the toggle switch and pair it with the amber S1 lens, it becomes a universal chase/dust light illumination into Zone 8 of Lighting Zones. The Baja Designs S1 utilizes a 20-watt LED emitting 2,375 lumens; it is one of the most compact and powerful lights on the market.   The first option of the S1 Hitch Light Kit is the Trailer Adapter Harness, which is compatible with vehicles with a 7-pin trailer plug connector. This option allows for an easy plug-and-play installation. When the vehicle is put into reverse, the Baja Designs S1 automatically illuminates and provides an additional 2,320 lumens of smooth output. Gone are the days of reversing down a dark road or your driveway.  Trailer Adapter Harness: • (1) S1 Wide Cornering LEDs Clear  • (1) Trailer Hitch Adapter Harness  • (1) Hitch Mount Bracket  • All necessary hardware  $149.95  The second option is the Toggle Switch Harness, which gives customers the advantage of turning their S1 on when it is needed most, not just when reversing. This option is ideal for a variety of applications, from setting up camp in the dark to using it as a chase light on the trails. The kit includes a toggle switch harness and a 10' extension harness, giving users the flexibility to position the S1 light where it is needed most. Toggle Switch Harness: • (1) S1 Wide Cornering LEDs Clear  • (1) Toggle Switch Harness  • (1) 10' Extension Harness  • (1) Hitch Mount Bracket  • All necessary hardware  $169.95  Installation We have made installation a breeze, simply insert the hitch pod (without the light) into the trailer hitch receiver and mark the side pin holes with a sharpie. We didn't pre-drill these holes as hitch pin depths can vary between vehicles, ensuring a flush fit in your application. You can simply drill both sides of the pod to the correct diameter for the hitch pin using a step drill bit. Then, install the Baja S1 light with the provided allen screws and wire it to the function of your choice based on the kit you go with.  If you're tired of struggling to see behind you when reversing your vehicle, the Baja Designs S1 Hitch Light Kit is an excellent choice. It's a compact yet powerful lighting solution that can fit into any 2" trailer receiver. The best part? It is plug-and-play, and you can have it installed in minutes. Plus, there are two options to choose from, the Trailer Adapter Harness and the Toggle Switch Harness, allowing you to customize your lighting experience. Say goodbye to backing up in the dark, and upgrade your vehicle's lighting with the Baja Designs S1 Hitch Light Kit.     
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Toyota Tundra Squadron Vent Kit is Here
Introducing our newest breakthrough in vehicle-specific lighting solutions - the Squadron Vent Kit from Baja Designs for the all-new 3rd Generation Toyota Tundra. At Baja Designs, we take pride in surpassing expectations by delivering top-notch lighting options and mounting locations that are tailored to specific vehicles. Our latest lighting kit is specifically designed for the Tundra and makes use of a non-functional vent on the Tundra front to provide yet another exceptional vent kit option. When we confirmed with engineers from Toyota USA that the vent under the headlight wasn't functional at all and purely decided around aesthetics, we knew it would be a great opportunity to develop a lighting kit that bolts directly into there. And from that, the Tundra Squadron vent kit was born.  The Squadron Vent kit is available in both a Squadron Pro and a Squadron Sport variant. The Squadron Pro version is for those that want to maximize their lighting output at 16,380 lumens, while the Squadron Sport version emits 12,648 lumens. Utilizing our Clearview optics, our lights come equipped with Wide Cornering Lens and Spot lens emitting light into Lighting Zones 1 - 4.   The Tundra Baja Designs Squadron Vent Kit includes both vertical and horizontal adjustability, this lighting solution empowers you to optimize your lighting output and aim the lights exactly where you need them. With the dual Squadron configuration, you can choose from three distinct variations to match your preferred package and lighting output.  What sets the Squadron Vent Kit apart from other lighting solutions is its innovative plug-and-play design. Unlike other kits that require extensive drilling and cutting, the Squadron Vent Kit can be installed easily and quickly without compromising the integrity of your vehicle . 2022-On Toyota Tundra Squadron Vent Kit, Sport  (2) Squadron Sport, Angled Flush Mount, Spot (2) Squadron Sport, Angled Flush Mount, Wide Cornering (1) Toggle Switch Harness (2) Splitter Harness (2) Squadron, Amber Wide Cornering Lens All necessary mounting brackets All necessary hardware MSRP: $1,414.95   2022-On Toyota Tundra Squadron Vent Kit, Pro (2) Squadron Sport, Angled Flush Mount, Spot (2) Squadron Sport, Angled Flush Mount, Wide Cornering (1) Toggle Switch Harness (2) Splitter Harness (2) Squadron, Amber Wide Cornering Lens All necessary mounting brackets All necessary hardware MSRP: $1,574.95  Baja Designs has yet again set a new standard for vehicle-specific lighting solutions amongst a sea of other lighting solutions for the all-new 3rd generation Toyota Tundra. The Squadron utilizes a non-functional vent to provide an exceptional light mounting location. With its easy plug-and-play design, complete adjustability, and dual Squadron configuration, the Squadron Vent Kit offers a versatile and reliable lighting solution for Tundra owners who want to optimize their lighting output. At Baja Designs, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the lighting industry, and the Squadron Vent Kit is just another testament to our commitment to excellence.   The 2022 + third generation Toyota Tundra is the perfect platform to start your build on; we have done the hard work for you, pairing lights, wiring harness, and mounting brackets together that will work with your specific vehicle. Each specific kit is designed to be integrated with most factory components so you can worry less and create long-lasting memories on the trail.  Check out the full 2022 Toyota Tundra Light Kit lineup on our website.
Baja Designs is offering upgrades to all our previous generation Squadron® SAE owners at no cost. Click here to learn more >
S1 Hitch Light Kit
With a trailer hitch harness or toggle switch version to choose from the S1 Hitch Light Kit is a powerful and versatile lighting solution for outdoor enthusiasts and off-road adventurers. This compact system uses an S1 LED light, mounted in a durable Meso Customs hitch that easily attaches to any standard 2-inch hitch receiver.
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