Lighting Accessories

Off-Road Light Accessories

Outfit a vehicle for adventure with the latest automotive LED lighting accessories from Baja Designs. Buying the highest-quality off-road lights is only part of the equation for a nighttime adventure. You’ll also need the right car lighting accessories to use them the way that’s right for you. The R&D team has developed a large selection of accessories and add-ons for our bar lights, auxiliary lights, and laser lights. Use them to customize a lighting setup or protect LEDs against extreme off-road conditions.

Lights for All Off-Road Applications

When designing the most optimal lighting package, the application is the main consideration to consider. If you are aiming for high-speed open desert driving, clear and intense lights are your best option. If you are driving through inclement environments such as dust, snow, or fog, then we recommend running amber lights with dimming, or high/low capability. We don’t believe that a perfect all-around light package runs solely off of just amber or clear, but in fact, a mix of both. Thankful due to our uService® you are able to swap out lenses yourself and see which is best for you.

Light Wiring and Maintenance

When it comes to visibility, the wiring is just as important as the light bulb itself. Baja Designs off-road light wiring harnesses form a secure connection to power your LEDs. We carry harnesses for all of our lighting models, including the Squadron, S2, OnX6 and RTL. You’ll also find splitters, extension cords, dimmer harnesses and other upgrades. If the lens ever gets damaged — which happens to even the best lights — quickly get back on the trails with our replacement LED lens kits. We designed them so you can simply swap out the lens rather than the entire fixture.

Custom Accessories for Lighting

Why set up your lights the same way everyone else does? Our versatile lighting accessories give off-roading enthusiasts the options they’ve been looking for. Universal mounting systems allow you to install a light anywhere from the spare tire holder to the A-pillar. If you’re more adventurous than most, consider LED off-road light rock guards and car light cover replacement kits to protect the lenses from getting smashed. We’ve also created vehicle anti-theft kits that will deter a potential thief from making off with your investment.

Whenever you need industrial lighting performance with DIY simplicity, shop at Baja Designs. We know off-roaders love working on their vehicles and make accessories with this in mind. Contact us if you have any questions or are looking for a specific add-on.