UTV Vehicle Specific Lighting Kits

When you’re driving over woodland floors, desert sand or snow, you need some premium lights to keep the adventure going. Baja Designs UTV lights are made for the intense conditions encountered by off-road enthusiasts. We’ve been the leader in off-road lighting for more than 25 years because we combine a love for riding with a scientific design approach. These side-by-side LED lights are made in the USA and have a limited lifetime warranty.

Lights for any Off-Road Vehicle

Every rider is a little different, which means they need a unique UTV lighting system. Create the perfect setup using our universal UTV LED lights and mounting brackets. UTV light bars are ideal for wide spans of light while auxiliary lights are more versatile. The optics can be shaped for near-, mid-, or far-distance vision. Most lights have white LEDs with a color temperature that mimics the midday sun to reduce eye fatigue. Amber fog lights and red safety lights are also available. From racer-edition distance lights to rear tail lights, there’s a way to illuminate the trail ahead.

Want to spend less time shopping and more time riding? Vehicle-specific UTV lighting kits are the answer. We’ve developed plug-and-play UTV light packages for nearly a dozen common UTV models, including the Can-Am Maverick, Polaris Ranger, Yamaha YXZ, Honda Talon, and Textron Wildcat. In the case of our UTV LED headlight kits, you can get them with certified professional installation from our network. Just click on “Home Installation” when you’re ready to check out.

High-Performance Utility Lights

Waterproof UTV lights from Baja Designs are the ultimate way to push the limits at night or on bad weather days. The Cree LEDs last for up to 50,000 hours — and thanks to uService® technology, riders can replace the bulbs themselves when the time comes instead of buying a new fixture. Contact our experts or find the nearest Baja Designs dealer to learn more about the same lights trusted by off-roading champions.